SEGMA is an event organizer and management firm based in Dubai, UAE, established in 2015, which took over the events and events-related activities previously owned, managed, and run by INEGMA. As such, SEGMA has the relationships, human resources, experience, and international network so crucial for successfully delivering high level meetings in the UAE and around the region.

Our reputation is built on a legacy of supporting the flow of specialist insight, knowledge, and information into the region from the outside, and from within the region to partners as far as Washington D.C. and Tokyo. Our reach with senior officials and decision-makers inside the Middle East has allowed us to grow in capacity and presence, delivering bespoke events and marketing support services across a spectrum of specialist areas.

We apply the combined power of our international network to ensure that our events are properly aligned to meeting their intended targets and objectives. We have built up extensive experience working for high profile clients across government and private sector partners across a variety of profiles and are today proud to serve a client portfolio including public sector organizations in the UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, the U.S., UK, Germany, EU, and UN as well as key industry and private sector players around the world.